Friday, February 20, 2009

I quilted the doll quilt!

I wanted to quilt my doll quilt from the Sew Mama Sew sew-a-long, but I didn't have a darning foot. I tried to find one at Hobby Lobby, but they don't carry that kind of thing. I got some nice fabric to send out in a fat quarter swap, but I kind of wish I'd waited. There's a sewing and vacuum shop really close to my house, so I thought I'd try there. Turns out they carry fabric now, like really cool prints and for good prices.
Anyway, I got myself a darning foot. To do quilting, you're also supposed to "drop the feed dogs" on your sewing machine. Those are the things that pull the fabric from the underside. They don't retract on my sewing machine, so I had to unscrew them. I was so worried I'd screw up my machine but it worked out just fine.
So here are pictures! All I have to do now is put a binding on it.

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  1. this looks great - I've been scared to try anything other than straight stitches when I've quilted on my machine, but now I might try to break out of the box. Thanks for my fabrics; they're very cute and I especially like the red mushrooms! I might use the music fabric to make something for my students :-)