Friday, March 27, 2009

A person-sized quilt!

I took a beginners quilt class at Patches and Stitches. It's a quilting store right near my house. It's pretty neat, in a little old house. The class was pretty fun and I learned a lot more about quilting than I thought I would.

I'm almost done with it now, I just need to quilt and bind it. It's pretty small, like a little throw.

I'm really happy with how it turned out! I meant for it to be bigger, but I didn't plan right with the fabric. It's ok though. I had a hard time trying to decide what to use for the backing. Everything looked too dull compared to the front, so I used the bits of the colors from the front to make a stripe on the back.

I'm going over to my aunt's house to quilt it in the next couple days. My sewing machine gets kinda pitiful and grindy sounding when I sew over too many layers ^_^ (maybe I need to oil it).
The binding's going to be the same black dragonfly fabric from the front borders.
I totally can't wait to use it!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Cute apron for my Awesome New Job

Until recently I worked at Publix. I decorated cakes in the bakery. Publix is a pretty good place to work, especially if you want to make a career working in a grocery store. I was getting very sick of it, though.

My friend told me that his friend was looking for an assistant for his bread business, Fred Bread. As soon as I could get hold of Fred Jeff, I got him to hire me. Pretty much it's a dream job. I get to make delicious bread for people without dealing with all the Publix bullshit.

He makes flavored loaves of bread to sell to people, and also breads and rolls for some local restaurants. There's not a storefront or anything. His kitchen is Downtown, in a building that has a couple unrelated offices in it. I'm pretty sure it used to be an old house.

A really silly thing I like about my new job is that I don't have to wear terrible pants and a hairnet (ew!) I get to look pretty cute now, if I want to. I put my hair in 2 ponytails and wear a bandanna so I don't have to wear a hat. I made a cute apron and bandanna to celebrate.

The apron itself is from when I worked at Books-A-Million. It's nice and short and has pockets at the bottom. The only problem was that it said "Books-A-Million" across the top. I wanted to put a cartoony loaf of bread over the words. I didn't have any good tan fabric for the crust, so I used this crazy floral print I got in a swap. I just ironed it on with fusible webbing.

When I finished the apron part I still had time before I had to be at work. I made a matching bandanna with most of the rest of the fabric. It's just a triangle, hemmed on the bias side for stability and zigzagged on the other sides to keep it from fraying.

It turned out really cute! I'm not sure how well the fusible webbing holds, but it's not peeling yet. I think I'm going to make a similar one with my old navy Publix apron, and maybe one for my boss :)

Goodies from fat quarter swaps!

I joined a couple fat quarter swaps last month. The one on Sew Mama Sew, and the one on Stitches and Scissors. They went great. I really hope people liked what I chose for them, because I really like all the fabrics I got!

One of the fabrics is hiding from me, but that's what I got. It's a great combo of fabrics that I probably wouldn't have picked out on my own but are really fantastic! The one with the purple-ish background, especially. It's large-scale flowers in crazy bright colors. I've already used most of it up making an apron and bandanna for my Awesome New Job.